A Toast! to new beginnings

I skipped my poetry class to register this blog.

I know, I know. So much for “new beginnings” and being good and organized and taking my meds on time and positive thinking and all that, but if I hadn’t skipped poetry and lazily sauntered downstairs to make a salad and read the short story “Babette’s Feast,” I wouldn’t have come up with this awesome idea.

THIS awesome idea of blogging about food and health and wellbeing. Where I can finally admit that I am just a lost college student who isn’t cultured. I can blog honestly about that. I don’t have to fill my blog with organic recipes and pictures of beautiful European or exotic looking food that, let’s be honest here, the normal person can not conjure up in, was it ten minutes you said?

On a more serious note, I’ve been pretty unhealthy all my life and I’m sure I sweat pharmaceuticals. The thing is that all these meds had such awful side effects and they didn’t even work that well. Plus, you throw in five egotistic doctors who make it their last resort to cooperate with each other and you start overdosing and getting hurt. When I went cold turkey on a few pills and started watching what I ate, things actually got better. Then I mentally cleared up and went back to what I always liked doing: reading and art.

Just received some bad news from home, so I need something to keep me grounded. So I’ll blog for now.

I’ll blog and eat and art around.


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